ercent of the sh

ares in the new structure.The deal allows Chang'an to overtake Dongfeng Motors as China's third-la

nment has called upon the whole industry to speed up restructurin▓g and consolidation in the market.Miao Wei, Vice minister of Industry & Information Techn▓ology, said, "For sectors like the auto industry, it will be much easier to make profits by encouraging restructuring among auto makers than by relying on manufacturers the▓mselves to become big and strong."The central government i

ak▓er in terms of sales vol

s aiming to cut the number of major Chinese auto groups to 10, or fewer, from th

ume in the first 10 months o

e current 14. It also wants two or three mega-producers with annual outputs of mor

f this year.Experts say comp

e than 2 million vehicles each.The ongoing financial c▓risis that has hit Western c

etition will be h▓eightened

ountries especially hard is now giving China's homegrown auto brands some traction

in the auto sec

Cras porttitor imperdiet volutpat nulla malesuada lectus eros tor, especially the mini-van market. T

in Europe, a must-win battlefield for all international manufacturers."If they (Chinese automakers) do it in Europe, they can do it eve▓rywhere," said Hans-Ulrich Sachs, managing director of HSO Motors Europe, sales agent for China's B▓rilliance Jinbei Automobile Co Lt

his will

Cras porttitor imperdiet volutpat nulla malesuada lectus eros not only help boost sou▓nd economic

development, but also benefit cons

umers.Dong Yang, Vice chairman

d in Germany."I believe Chinese auto brands will have a sho▓rter journey to go than their Japanese and Korean counterparts did de

lion while he was sweeping the c

of china Assoc. of Auto▓ Man

cades ago," said Det▓thold Aden, president and CEO of BLG Automobile Logistics, Germany's biggest logistics company, which is b

ufacturers, said, "The mini-van ma

rket will be dominated by two

ased in the northern port city Bremen.Aden said he▓ believes that the financial crisis, which makes smaller and cheaper cars popu

players -- the SAIC-GM-Wuling

Company and the Chang'an Auto

lar, provides Chinese medium- and low-end vehicles the best opportunity in Europe.To boost car sales the German government thi

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